Media Arrival

Media and press arrival is available at specified times, either pre-event or prestart. Pre-event arrival will be at communicated and agreed with Fight UK, and will focus around the official weigh-in on the day prior to the event. On arrival please check in with Fight UK, we will direct you to either the fighter area or press table depending on your chosen arrival time.

Full Media Pack

On arrival all media and press will need to register with Fight UK. You will receive the appropriate wristbands and identification to allow full access within the venue and event. Press tables will be allocated at cage-side during the entire event where water will be available.

Fight UK Media

Fight UK promotional videos and any event build-up media can be made available to press teams on request via CD-ROM. Please provide 48hrs notice to Fight UK to have these materials prepared and available for collection on event day arrival. All event media and video including pre-interviews, post-interviews, background footage and actual event bouts will be filmed by Fight UK and is available on request.

Conduct at Fight UK

At Fight UK we operate a zero-tolerance policy in relation to professionalism and behaviour. Consequently, any disrespectful or inappropriate conduct towards any other gym, fighter, Fight UK staff and associated staff will result in gross misconduct and the removal from both the event and venue.

Media Guidelines

Fight UK will only allocate media and press places in advance of the event and only as necessary for coverage requirements. Ensure that you have contacted and received confirmation at least 5 days prior to the event date. For full coverage it is advised that 2 members of press would be required, whereas for just fight coverage only 1 member of press will be allocated. Please ensure that you inform Fight UK concerning the level of coverage and the proposed arrival time that you require.

To assist your coverage please inform Fight UK of any other needs and arrangements, including specific requests to interview either Fight UK representatives or fighters. All press and media arrangements need to be confirmed with Fight UK prior to the event, including brief, purpose of coverage, information, photography allowances, rights and post event media agreements.


Please ensure that 7 days after receiving this document you return the following to Fight UK after appropriate contact and discussion with Fight UK's Ian Cox via

• Confirmation of attendance to pre-event, pre-start or both events
• Agreement on media and press brief/purpose, including Fight UK rights to information for promotional purposes
• The required names of press/media staff attending the event
For any further information, please contact us on any of the details provided.

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