After the massive success of FIGHT UK 1, and the upcoming Fight UK Amateur Championships, FIGHT UK MMA bring you FIGHT UK MMA.

Dedicated staff and large warm up areas; FIGHT UK look after the fighters before we even start the event, and after all results are sent to Sherdog.

With professional filming throughout the night by P4TV, all fights are projected on multiple HDTVs and a massive 8ft screen, you wont miss any of the action inside the quality 24ft cage.

Our mission is simple: To provide a platform for mixed martial artists to showcase their talents in a safe and regulated way and help them progress their careers along the way.





PRO U70kg Ian Cox (Team Wallhead) beat Paul Ramos (Dragons Elite MMA) TKO (GNP), 4:12 RND 1
SP U70kg Ranjeet Baria (Leicester Shootfighters) beat Paul Jones (Eagles MMA) Armbar, 4:59 RND1
PRO U70kg Leon Del Gaudio (Bushido) beat Martin Rollins (Sprawl n Brawl) RNC, 3:15 RND1

U84kg Yannick Bahati (UTC) beat Adam Cousins (Fight Science)
Triangle Choke, 3:42 RND1
PRO U66kg Thiago Macedo (Wolfslair) beat Julian Shuttleworth (Sprawl n Brawl) Armbar, 1:25 RND1
SP U65kg Kieren Lewin (Leicester Shootfighters) beat David Gillan (Devils Pit) Armbar, 2:41 RND1

PRO HW Andrew Gallotti (Wolfslair) beat James Hurrell (Rep Out) RNC, 2:48 RND2
SP U84kg Andrew Durkan (Bushido) beat James Prince (Impact Martial Arts) Triangle Choke, 1:12 RND2

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