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Pro Line up 

93kg - Fraser Opie (SSJ) vs Matthew Wise (BST)
84kg - Matt Howard (Team Wallhead) vs Lloyd Clarkson (Skillens Martial Arts and Poole Cage Academy)
65kg - Karsten Lenjoint (Leicester Shootfighters) vs Dean Reilly (Dinky Ninjas)
77kg – Damien Zlotnicki (Lybertys Gym) vs Samir Medjdeur (BST)
65kg - Subaig Singh (Leicester Shootfighters) v Thiago Macedo (Wolfslair)
84kg – Andrew Domagala (UTC) vs Tihamer Lore (Team Dragons)
61kg -
Mahmood Besherate (Leicester Shootfighters) vs Stewart Gillam (Poole Cage Academy)
77kg - Craig Turner (Rough House) vs Aranus Klimavicius


Semi Pro A (3x3 with GNP)

77kg -
John Robinson (Combat and Exercise) vs Jack Hill (Coventry MMA)
70kg -
Liam Corrigan (Leicester Shootfighters) vs Kieron Rolfe (BST)
84kg - Yannick Bahati (UTC) vs JD Hylton (Leicester Shootfighters)
65kg - Steven Taylor (UTC) vs Dan Swan (Leicester Shootfighters)

Semi Pro B (2x5 head shots standing only)

65kg - Andrew Shim (Team Wallhead) vs Lewis Gannon (Gannon’s Black Belt Academy)
70kg - Andrew Smith (Combat Athlete) vs Ed Pang (Leicester Shootfighters)

Amateur (3x3 no head shots)

77kg - Courtney Rawle (Leicester Shootfighters) vs Carl Murphy (UTC)

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