The Fight UK Amateur Championships return

Fight UK Amateur Championships 2, 11th September 2011, highlighted FIGHT UK's dedication to supporting UK Amateur MMA. The all seated Hermitage Leisure Centre complete with 32ft cage played host to over 700 spectators.
The event was headlined with an Amateur Lightweight Title fight, Harrison vs Corrigan. With both fighters having already proved their worth in the stand up, this fight was destined to be finished on the ground. Leicester Shootfighters, Liam Corrigan did not disappoint, and finished the fight early in the second round with a immaculately executed triangle.

UTC continued their tradition of having win heavy nights, clocking up 5 wins out of 7 contests. Leicester Shootfighters also proved their worth with a very dominant 4 wins out of 5 contests, which included taking the Lightweight Amateur title back to the gym in Leicester. 

Venue: Hermitage Leisure Centre, Silver St, Whitwick, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 5EU - 01530 811215

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Fight Card to date, more to be added & subject to change.

Amateur A - class bouts fought under NSAC rules 3 x 3 minutes (No heelhooks, headshots standing and on the ground 8oz MMA sparring gloves) 

LW - Liam Corrigan (LSF) beat Matt Harrison (Independent) - Triangle - RND2 1.04

 WW – Carl Booth (Rough House) beat Max Cotton (Independent) - TKO - RND1 2.12

 BW – Joe Rice (Bushido) beat Francis Russel (UTC) - Unanimous Decision 

 MW - Nathius Fedrick (UTC) beat John Barnes (CBM MMA) - TKO/GNP - RND2 1.15

 WW - Eliot Elliott (Impact) beat Sam Hammonds (Team Wallhead) - Stoppage/GNP - RND1 0.49

 MW - JD Hylton (LSF) beat James Prince (Impact) - TKO/Strikes - RND1 1.49 

LHW – Matt Hallam (Team Wallhead) beat Sebastian Kolenderski  (Independent) - TKO/GNP - RND1 0.10

 FW - Darren Higgins (UTC) beat Gianni Brigginshaw (Gannon's Black belt Academy) - TKO/GNP - RND2 0.44

WW - Patrick McDonald beat Ross Davenport (Independent) - Triangle - RND2 1.45

MW – Kasian Jackson (UTC) beat Jan Malik (Independent) - Unanimous Decision

MW - Dave Loasta (Impact) beat Dan Constantinou (Eagles MMA) - Split Decision - (28-29/29-28/30-27)

Amateur B - class bout 3 x 3 minutes (No heelhooks, headshots standing only, 8oz MMA gloves)

HW - John Ellis (Combat and Exercise) beat Jamie Willets (UTC) - Keylock - RND1 1.05

 HW - Chris Miles (LSF) beat Dean Holmes (Hardknocks MMA) - KO - RND1 0.43

BW - Aaron Lovell (UTC) beat Nayan Patel (Leicester Shootfighters) - Unanimous Decision

Amateur C - class bout 3 x 3 minutes (No heelhooks or standing/grounded headshots, 8oz MMA sparring gloves. 

FW - Kev Flannigan (Hardknocks MMA) beat Tez Wogan (Burton Grindhouse) - Choke - RND2 1.36 

 BW - Jamie Molyneaux (LSF) beat Ashley Newman (Independent) - Triangle - RND1 2.27

BW - Josh Mcmanus (1st Legion) beat Kyle Robinson (Hardknocks) - Armbar - RND3 2.34 

 MW - Stuart Smith (Lincoln MMA) beat Kevin Faul (Hardknocks MMA) - RNC - RND1 2.14

LW – Carl Murphy (UTC) beat Darren Sysum (KLM) - Guillotine - RND1 0.42

 WW – Joe Davies (Burton Grindhouse) beat Lee Warner (Lincoln MMA) - Unanimous Decision

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