FIGHT UK MMA, the premiere Midlands Mixed Martial Arts events company formed in 2009. With an industry reputation of quality, consistency and fighter safety, FIGHT UK is the ideal advertising vehicle into the the fastest growing sport in the world.

Offering the opportunity and benefit of low rates of entry, compared to the audience available for your product or service.

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On average, during non-event months we recieve 3,000 uniqie vistors to with 70% of this traffic coming from the UK. Around 65% of this traffic is organic via Google, with our current standing at the top of the first page for the search 'UK MMA' ensuring this traffic remains constant and visitors are our, and your, key demographic.

  • Key Demographic - Male 18 - 34
  • Key Location - UK


The FIGHT UK MMA website is not only a brochure for upcoming MMA events, it also serves as an archive for our past 12 shows. New and returning visitors have the chance to catch up with FIGHT UK MMA events from 2010 to the present day.

Our Amateur Fighters page remains one of our most popular, with a full ranking system of all fighters who have competed at our FIGHT UK MMA Amateur Championships from 2010.

Since our YouTube channel registration in September 2010, a regular upload of new content has seen our channel become one of the most viewed UK MMA channels on YouTube.

  • 550,593 YouTube video views
  • 752 Channel subscribers
  • 276 Original content videos

Fans and users of our social media channels keep the brand relevant. With an active and organic growth on key social media sites, we're able to communicate and socialise with our customers on a platform they have chosen to be on, meaning a less form interaction at our fans own pace.

Reaching out to fans and fighters of UK MMA, our regular news updates and full schedule of UK MMA events attracts an ever increasing rate of page impressions and visitors.

We also offer the option to advertise at FIGHT UK MMA events. There are many oppourtunities for brand exposure around the venue and within the cage itself. Many of these options will also extend to the post-event advertising material as once the event is over, your brand will still be viewed on YouTube in association with the event.

On average the Athena will host 1000 spectators, made up of fans of the fighters and general public. 

  • Branding on the event specific page 
  • All event promotional videos - Promoted on YouTube and social media
  • Staff uniforms - Your brand/logo on all event staff uniforms
  • Event literature
  • MMA octagon/cage branding, floor, pillars and cross beams
  • Event posters and advertising boards
  • Seat Placements - Place advertising material on all 400+ seats within the arena.

We offer flexible event specific rates and also annual or multi event packages. We have packages available to suit every budget.


If our standard packages do not meet your advertising needs or you feel you would benefit more from a tailor made package please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your requirements so we can work toward something that suits you and your business needs. 

We are looking for a very limited number of advertisers, could this be you?

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